Kuwait University

Class Trematodes

Phylum Platyhelmenthes Class Trematoda Rudolphi 1808

Subclass Digenea Carus 1863

  • Digenetic trematodes are primarily endoparasitic and usually have one anterior and one ventral adhesive sucker.
  • Life cycle is indirect with at least one intermediate host, usually a molluscan.
  • In Kuwait Bay, adult digeneans are recorded in vertebrate hosts, i.e., seabirds, fishes, and stray cats and dogs.
  • Larval digeneans, i.e., sporocysts or rediae, metacercariae and cercariae, are found in tissues of invertebrate intermediate hosts, i.e., mollusc, crustacean, annelid or fish or on solid substrates.













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Larval Trematode Diversity in Kuwait Bay