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Majed Ahmed ALNaqeeb

Academic Credentials

Ph.D:  Zoology, Hull University (England), December 1981.

B.Sc: Zoology (Distinction), Kuwait University, July 1977.

Academic Position

Associate Professor, Cell Biology

Research Interests

1. Muscles and Exercise from the physiological, histochemical, histological, ultra-structure and biomechanical point of view. Principle Investigator. KU grant  SZ030.

2. Image analysis and enhancement using microcomputers. Co-investigator, PI: Dr. Medhat Sadek.  KU grants EM023 & EM059.

3. Applications of microcomputers in: Image analysis, biology and laboratory instrumentation and techniques.

4. Pharmacologically active agents from Arabian Gulf Catfish.  Co-investigator, PI: Dr. Jassim Al-Hassan. KU grant SB017.

5. Effect of various toxins and on animals and animal organs.

6. Effect of garlic and onion in vitro and in vivo on animal models of thrombosis. Co-investigator, PI: Dr. Muslim Ali. Kuwait University grant number SB030.

7. Cloning and expression of a growth factor gene in muscle. PI, KU grant SPZ039.

8. Effect of garlic on the circulatory levels of thromboxane-B2 in 2K1C Goldblatt Model of renovascular hypertension. Co-investigator, PI: Dr. Khalid Al-Qattan.  KU grant PSZ050.

9. Effect of ginger (Zingibar officinale) on lungs and liver of rats. Co-investigator, PI: Dr. Mary Martha Thomson. KU grant SB01/99.

10. The use of molecular biology techniques in detecting genetic variation.

11. Genetic Variation of some commercially and/or ecologically important animal species in Kuwait. PI: Majed Alnaqeeb.  KU grant SL 03/00.

12. The genetic characterization of apolipoprotein E in the Kuwait population. PI: Suzanne Al-Bustan, CoI: M. Alnaqeeb. KU grant SL01/02.

13. The Study of Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Selected Mammals of Commercial and/or Ecological Importance in Kuwait Using Microsatellite Repeats. PI: Majed Alnaqeeb.  KU grant SL 03/03. From 01/12/03 – 31/11/07.

14. The genetic characterization of apolipoprotein B in the Kuwait population. PI: Suzanne Al-Bustan, CoI: M. Alnaqeeb. KU grant SL05/03. From 01/12/03 – 31/11/07.

15. Identification of Kuwaiti Populations of Some Commercially Important Aquatic Animal Species using Molecular Markers. . PI: Majed Alnaqeeb.   Kuwait University KU grant  SL05/07. From 01/04/2008- 31/03/2011.

16. The characterization of SNP's at the APOA1/CIII/IV/V gene cluster and its association with triglyceride levels in the Kuwaiti population, Kuwait University. PI: Suzanne Al-Bustan, CoI: M. Alnaqeeb. KU grant (SL09/07), Approved.

17. Characterization of Microphallids from different intermediate host species and geographical localities in Kuwait Bay by sequences of internal transcribed spacers of rDNA. PI: Dr. Wafa Al-Kandari, CoI: M.A. Alnaqeeb. KU grant (SL08/08), from 2009 - 2011.

18. Screening for putative mutations in the LPL gene in association with TG and HDL-C among a sample of Kuwaiti Arabs. PI: Suzanne Al-Bustan, CoI: M.A. Alnaqeeb, Ibrahim Al-Rashdan.  KU grant (SL04/11), from 2012 - 2015.

19. Molecular studies on the life cycle stages of the Kuwaiti heterophyids (Digenea: Heterophyidae) based on sequences of  ribosomal internal transcribed spacer regions and mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase subunit I. PI: Wafa Al-Kandari, CoI:  Suzanne Al-Bustan, Contrib. M.A. Alnaqeeb. KU grant (SL07/10), from 2011-2014

Teaching Interests

Teaching at Graduate University Level:

-          Cell Biology

-          Molecular Cell Biology

-          Research Project

-          Term Paper

-          Physiology (Practical)

-          Histology and Histochemistry

-          Structure and Function of the Body (Biology 3)

-          Biology, Basic Cell Biology (Biology 1)

Postgraduate Teaching:

-          Supervised several M.Sc. Thesis and students.

-          Chairman and member of several M.Sc. examination committees.

-          Molecular Biology Courses


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